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Nonprofit Payment Solutions

We know that many of you take time out of your busy schedules to assist with community charities. One large ingredient to a successful charity is effective fund raising. We have the tools to help you, and your charity, collect donations.

The Donate Now Virtual Terminal is specifically designed with nonprofits in mind. You can initiate your online fundraising program quickly and easily with Donate Now by accepting one time and recurring donations, membership dues and event registration.

The Virtual Terminal works with Sage Payment Solution’s advanced payment gateway to provide a secure, cost-effective system for processing electronic transactions. Nonprofits will also receive a custom donation page to link from their website easily with no IT experience required. This page can be customized with donation amounts, allocations, tributes, and even the color scheme you prefer.

• Create fund designations and allow donors to choose where their donations go.
• Accept donations in honor or memory of donor’s family members or friends.
• Allow you donors to make recurring gifts.
• Let donors elect to remain anonymous.
• Personalize confirmation emails sent to your donors.
• Encourage donors to join your mailing list with one-click opt-in.
• Let us show you how to increase your donations and keep them coming.

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