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Retail Point of Sale

It’s a fast paced world, and consumers today prefer the speed of a credit or debit card to older forms of payment like cash or check. Although internet sales continue to grow, the majority of card holders still prefer processing them face-to-face at retail locations, mostly as a deterrent to identity theft. Physical transactions in a retail shop are also beneficial to the merchant as well. A simple interaction with a customer along with quick payment processing result in a lower percentage of charge backs. Not to mention, that with a signed receipt or by simply using a PIN debit transaction, you are protecting yourself as a merchant from identity theft and fraudulent transactions, which are increasingly prevalent. Discount Payment Services merchant payment processing services provide you with financial security and peace of mind with PCI compliant strategies in your hardware and software setup. Take advantage of a payment service provider that understands this important fact, and takes steps to protect you, and your customers.

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