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Accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime with a wireless merchant account. Whether you have a service business that works at your customer’s location or if you take your retail business on the road, wireless payment processing is an easy and cost-effective way to accept credit card payments wherever your customers happen to be. Discount Payment Services can provide you with a complete wireless authorization system that gives you efficient credit card and debit card processing wherever you are, whenever you need it at a low cost to you. We work in partnership with the nation’s leading wireless service providers to design a system that’s perfect for you and your business. Read below to learn more about the benefits of each wireless authorization system.

Wireless Terminal / M2M Solution

Standalone wireless terminal with built-in PIN pad, card reader, and printer

• Store-and-Forward transactions for processing, if you leave coverage areas
• Built on the nation’s largest 4G LTE network and most reliable 3G network. That means you get connections from a network you can trust.
• Affordable data plans on a device that is purpose-built for payment processing
• Rugged, reliable design with 2 year manufacturer warranty included (industry standard is 1 year)
• Extended warranties available for a very low price
• 24/7 support directly through DPS and terminal manufacturer
• Modern, compact design, with compatibility for tomorrow’s features, such as EMV
• Simple management of settings and programming; Simply turn the unit on and it downloads updates and changes automatically
• Flexible programming and options to meet your business needs
• Save money with built-in PIN entry device

Accept Credit Cards on your Phone or Tablet

Sage Mobile Payments

• Free Secure, Encrypted Card Reader allows you to get the lowest swiped rates possible.
• No Contract cancel anytime with no fees. Many of our clients use this solution as a seasonal or short-term add-on to their business.
• Security with end-to-end encryption; card info is encrypted before it even gets to your phone.
• Lowest rates from 0.30%; up to 2.45% less than Square!
• Absolutely no additional processing fees. In other words, the rate you pay on a credit card terminal is the same rate you will pay on a cell phone whereas other providers will charge you a premium rate!
• No PCI Compliance Fees and No PCI Compliance hassles!
• Free Setup, Training, Activation, and App means no cost to get started!
• Compatibility with over 400 mobile devices, including iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, Blackberries, and even Feature (regular) Phones. You can even use your iPad or Tablet; click here for a list of devices currently supported (uses the G2 Reader). 3G, 4G and even WiFi only devices are now supported.
• Offline Processing in store-and-forward mode, in case your business takes you outside of your coverage area. Process the card transactions as soon as you get back into a coverage area.
• Mobile Invoice Presentment and Payment creates a seamless, complete integration to your Sage accounting software.

Sage Mobile Payments offers the most secure mobile solution in the industry and absolutely no additional processing fees. In other words, the rate you pay on a credit card terminal is the same rate you will pay on a cell phone whereas other providers will charge you a premium rate!

Sage offers end-to-end encryption starting from the card swipe all the way into our secured Sage Exchange network. Not all providers live up to this standard, but for Sage it’s non-negotiable. Your business and your customers’ credit card data is too important to not encrypt at all stages of a wireless transaction.

In addition, now you can even go a step further with your mobile payments solution. Not only can you take a payment on the go but you can also retrieve a customer invoice from your mobile device and pay against that invoice for seamless and complete integration into your Sage accounting software.

Benefits of using Sage Mobile Payments for your business:

• Absolutely no additional fees for mobile transactions
• Opening up new sales opportunities at the trade show, in the field…on the go!
• Closing more sales while your customer is present
• A highly-secure and encrypted credit card reader so you can get the lowest “card present” rates
• Works on iPhone, iPad, and Android powered smart phones and tablets

Accept Card Payments Wherever Your Business Takes You

VeriFone’s complete payment solution for small businesses transforms smart devices into secure payment portals – ensuring merchants never miss a sale. Simply swipe a card using our free, secure audio reader, capture a signature and enjoy the convenience of anywhere payments.

From a single site to multiple sites, VeriFone answers the need for mobile solutions by extending the point of sale, allowing merchants to go mobile and accept payments anywhere, deliver personalized shopping experiences and create new revenue streams.

• Expand your customer base, reduce transaction fees, and break down barriers to business growth
• Earn more revenue with more “card present” sales using the VeriFone reader and app
• Keep transactions safe with our end-to-end encryption – no other manufacturer offers this level of safety and security
• Our mobile card encryption device is designed to survive in your business’s rough-and-tumble world, and perform flawlessly
• Secures customer data and significantly reduces liability risks for your business


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