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Take Credit Card Payments Through Quickbooks, Peachtree, or Your POS Software

Integrated Payment Solutions

Discount Payment Services makes it easy for merchants and retailers to fully integrate payment processing solutions into existing workflows via Quickbooks, Peachtree or even your existing POS Software. Our fully integrated software solutions as an alternative to traditional point of sale equipment allow you to continue growing your business at your own pace.

Key Benefits for Your Business:

• Fast Integration into most popular accounting software including QuickBooks and Sage  50 (Formerly Peachtree).
• Integration into most popular Point of Sale systems including Micros, Aloha, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, and many more.
• Eliminate double entry as payments post directly to your accounting system or POS.
• Eliminate errors in charge amounts and data entry.
• Simple learning curve, for quick employee training and implementation.
• Effective Point of Sale solutions, catered specifically to your industry
• Process payments and reports, manage customers and inventory, track sales control company costs.

Getting Started with Sage Software Integration

Here's how to get your Free Quickbooks Pro 2013

Getting Quickbooks is simple. Just open an account with Discount Payment Services today and you'll receive a full retail version of Quickbooks Pro 2013 ($199 value!). It also comes with a USB card reader so you can begin to take payments right away. If you love Quickbooks, this deal can't be beat!

Quickbooks Pro 2013 Features:

• Access payments, expenses and taxes all in one place
• Manage customer, vendor and employee data
• Complete financial tracking and reporting
• Process credit cards while tracking sales
• Create invoices and track payments

Also Included:

• FREE USB Card Reader
• No hidden fees
• One-on-one customer support
• Free telephone training
• Global Access Advantage enables online reporting
• Meet or beat guarantee insures you have the best rates available
• No commitment month-to-month agreement

Here's how to get your Free
Sage 50 Software

(a $229.99 value!)

Download your copy of Sage 50 today when you open an account with Discount Payment Services. Click here to apply.

Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting is an easy-to-use, basic accounting solution that supports the success of your business by helping you:


• Process payments
• Get organized
• Manage basic inventory
• Improve your productivity
• Manage cash flow and budgets
• Gain insight into your business with 100+ customizable reports and financial statements

It provides tools to create invoices, process and record customer payments, write checks, track expenses, produce customer statements, and generate financial statements. If you are currently using QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree includes a QuickBooks conversion utility that is designed to make it easy to convert your QuickBooks data.

In addition, first-time Sage Peachtree customers receive 30 days of free support. This is fully functional accounting software that does not time out or impose limits on the number of transactions.

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