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Merchant Services

Discount Payment Services has products to make your transactions run more smoothly and securely, whether you interact with your customers at a physical location, through a web site, over the phone or by mail –whether your business is large and well established or small and brand new.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

• Ease of doing business
• Unique products and ability to solve problems
• Personal consultation on payment options and types
• Excellent grasp of client’s business needs
• Culture of outstanding customer service
• Personal interest in their clients
• Highest integrity
• Positive and helpful attitude
• Extremely knowledgeable
• Higher tips for staff
• Recurring payment options
• The best customer service and support
• Prompt response/resolution to problems
• Lower rates and fees
• Low start up costs
• Cost effective programs for low volume clients
• Custom programming of equipment
• Personal training
• Easier collection of receivables
• Increased sales

If you would like one of our payment consultants to help you find the right product and service, or for a customized rate quote, Click Here or call us.

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