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February 15, 2013

Looking for FREE QuickBooks Pro 2013? Here’s all the information you need to get your free copy:

Just sign up with a new merchant account! No matter the size of your business, Total Processing in QuickBooks is a fully-intergrated solution. It will include both a free copy of the QuickBooks Pro 2013 software and a free USB card swipe device, allowing your business to receive and record payments through your PC. Not only does the card reader streamline your payment procedures, but eliminates the need for a separate processing terminal, as well as the extra time it takes to enter batch transactions into your accounting software.
Take advantage of our low credit card processing rates with our QuickBooks Integration program! Our fully-integrated payment solution will work with QuickBooks Pro, Premium, Enterprise and Accountant back to 2005.
So instead of paying $320.00 for these products, call us today for both your FREE copy of QuickBooks Pro 2013 and your free USB card reader. Click here to learn more about Integrated Payment Solutions with Discount Payment Services!

January 03, 2013

A wise man once said, “The trajectory is determined by the launch.”

That’s a great piece of advice for new start ups, and a reminder to learn from how the pros do it. Pros like Martina and Álvaro León. This is their second location. We recently installed a full POS system for their new Dairy Queen in Tucson and their opening day was spectacular! This is just a quick peak at the hardware they purchased from Discount Payment Services that helped launch them to Sales History!

1. POS-X hardware – all-in-one stations (TP4), cash drawers, thermal receipt printers, credit card readers, server PC (PC4). (You really can’t go wrong with these touchscreen combos)
2. Other hardware – Kitchen display monitors with adjustable mounts, LogicControls LM3016E and LS3000 kitchen display controllers, Kitchen Display Bump Bars
3. POS Software –Aldelo for Restaurants Pro, Aldelo Kitchen Display Server, Aldelo Polling Server (allows management of both locations from their home), Aldelo EDC for Mercury

And of course, we are very happy to be the credit and debit card service provider for this Dairy Queen location – We handle all of the Credit card processing, data backup and storage, and Gold POS Support with 24/7 local customer service.
Take a look at some of the unique aspects of this POS install:

1. Separate kitchen display for Drive-thru orders and counter service orders
2. Order-only station that can be used to “bust” the drive-thru line. This allows someone to take a drive thru order on their wireless headset. The order is then “pushed” to the regular drive thru station for them to adjust as needed and settle the order when the customer reaches the drive thru window.
3. Location of food production and kitchen monitors required special cabling and configuration to allow the bump bars to be installed where food is delivered to customers (1 at the counter and 1 at the drive-thru window)

We had a lot of fun with the install and it was great to see the community response. Special thanks to our fantastic clients, Martina and Álvaro León, who allowed us to be a part of this great day.

December 12, 2012

Holiday Schedule for DPS

In order to allow our employees to spend time with their families during this holiday season, the Discount Payment Services office will be closed December 24th thru December 28th and January 1st. Our wonderful support staff will be on call 24/7 as usual to assist you with your support issues on these days. Just call the support number 480-361-1747 (toll free at 1-866-361-1747) option 3 and you will be forwarded to one of the support team.
For questions concerning support contact us at:

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