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Card Acceptance and Discount Payment Services (1)

Fast Prompt Service
No hold times or 1-800 number
Our personal relationship allows us to know who you are and what Machine/Service you use to process when you call
On-site support and installation
Same day replacement if equipment breaks
Continuous Efforts To Save You Money
Personal Training for staff
Continual updates in a fluid industry
Competitive Rates
Comprehensive account reviews anytime customer requests
Long term customers relationship based benefits
Knowledge of Retail Vs. Moto Setup Advantages
Savings on keyed transactions
Minimized Chargeback liability
Not getting funds held by processor
Equipment Pricing Options To Meet Everyone’s Needs
Monthly Rent
Reduced price with full payment
Affordable replacement plans(between $5-$15 monthly)
Up to 6 month no interest on purchases if needed
What A Customer Receives When Buying A Terminal From Precision Payment Services
Specific Programming
Upgrade Prorated Credit
Programmed before shipped or onsite install
Personalized Training
Time and money savings through prompts and training
Open source terminal that can be programed through any Processor
Same or next day temporary terminal so a clear decision can be made to replace it.

Equipment (1)

Always keep in mind that when you decide to lease your equipment you will end up paying more then just purchasing from the beginning. For example if you find a merchant account provider that will charge you $400.00 to purchase a Point-Of-Sale (POS) credit card processing terminal. In comparison with leasing that same terminal for $40.00 each month for the next 36 months which will cost you $1440.00 after your contract is finished. That means you’re paying $1040.00 more than if you would have just purchased that terminal from the start. Another detail that has not been calculated is your local state sale taxes on your lease including the damage and loss waiver fee. With both these supplementary charges you can expect to be paying up to $20.00 more per month on top of the $40.00 monthly lease fee. Another detail about leasing your POS merchant account terminal is that if you’re locked into a 36 month lease it will not be cancelable; this includes the fact that even if you go out of business you will be required to pay that lease for the next 3 years until that contract is completed.

Establishing an account (7)

Physical Location in the US.
Checking account with an American bank in the name of the business or the merchant account signer.
Explanation of business type (ie: LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, etc.).
Federal Tax ID Number (EIN).
Owner or Merchant Account signers SSN.
Owner or Merchant Account signers address information.
Product or Services LTD being sold information.
Exchange and Refund policies.
Intended method of accepting transactions (ie: swipe, internet, keyed, etc.).
General business location type (ie: Shopping Center, Home Based, etc.).
Copy of a voided check from merchants checking account.
Additional Requirements for some businesses:
Marketing material (ie: business card, brochure, advertisement, etc.).
State or Federal Business License.
Proof of business existence (ie: phone bill, utility bill, etc.).
Proof or financial stability (ie: profit and loss statements, bank statements, etc.).
Requirements for all internet businesses:
Active website with DBA of website listed on application.
Product delivery methods and timeframe clearly stated on website.
Product prices in US dollars. Privacy Policy listed on website.
Customer Service telephone number listed.
Secure checkout system.
Domain name registered to merchant.
We review your credit to assist us in determining the risk associated with sponsoring your transactions into the card association networks. You send us your transactions for processing, and we credit your business checking or depository account. Those funds are available for you to use as you wish. The transaction is posted to your customer’s credit card statement, and they have the right to dispute any charges posted. If the customer disputes a transaction, a chargeback may be generated, which would be debited against your business’ account. In order to ensure you have the funds to cover any potential chargebacks, we require a credit check.
If your account is approved prior to the 20th of the month, you will receive your first statement the first week of the following month. For example, if your account is approved April 10th, your first merchant statement will be received during the first week of May.
If your account is approved after the 20th of the month, you will receive your first statement the first week of the second month following approval. For example, if your account is approved April 22nd, your first merchant statement will be received during the first week of June.
Your local bank is not always the best merchant account provider for your business. It is natural to assume that because your local bank is a financial institution and they also offer merchant account services. In many cases, small local banks are contracted by a third-party processor or an independent sales organization (ISO) to resell merchant services to their banking clients. FirstClass Merchant Services is one of those providers that handles processing for local community banks. Therefore, we know it can be a good thing if your bank has contracted with a good merchant services provider. However, because many banks are purchasing merchant services from a reseller, they generally sell at higher rates and fees in order to make a profit. In addition, in most cases the local bank is not the entity responsible for handling customer service issues and is the responsibility of the originating provider that is reselling the merchant processing services to the bank. With that said, not all local banks are resellers, and not all local banks will have higher rates and fees. Many banks do offer very competitive merchant accounts and services to their banking clients. It is always good to consider obtaining merchant services through your local bank, but you should not give the bank extra consideration over other providers based solely on the fact that they are local.
You may compare your current merchant account services pricing against the Interchange Rates as published by Visa USA© and MasterCard Worldwide©. Click here for the latest charts:

Internet (4)

Visa has very strict guidelines regarding the processing of credit cards. Processing your store’s credit card orders offline violates the terms of most retail merchant account agreements and doesn’t comply with PCI card security guidelines. Additionally, transactions that are manually keyed into your terminal are usually processed at a higher rate than swiped or online transactions.
Using a merchant account offers many advantages over both PayPal and Google Wallet. A merchant account provides your customers with a streamlined checkout process without any third-party intervention. Using a merchant account gives your store a more professional, established and credible appearance – boosting your conversion rate.
No. Due to credit card processing regulations, you can only have one storefront for each merchant account.
Yes. All websites are required to have a SSL certificate with a minimum 128-bit encryption for all credit card information.

Misc. (3)

No, this practice is known as “credit card laundering” or “factoring.” It is against the Visa® and MasterCard® agreement. Using someone else’s merchant account to process your credit card transactions can lead to heavy fines and perhaps more. In addition, you’ll also put that merchant’s credit card processing account in jeopardy.
The simple answer is maybe. The more accurate answer is that it depends on the equipment which you have. Some equipment may be outdated or not in compliance with PCI standards and therefore ineligible to be reprogrammed. Discount Payment Services will make every effort to utilize your existing equipment if at all possible.
It is recommended to retain all processing documentation for at least 18 months. This will help resolve any customer disputes or chargebacks that may occur.

Rates and Fees (10)

Every card processor charges a discount rate. The discount rate is the percentage of each transaction that the processing company charges to handle the transaction for you. Our discount rates are exceptionally low for both retail (swiped) merchants and for mail order/telephone order and Internet merchants. This fee is charged by the processing company for collecting, assessing, approving, processing, and settling credit card transactions. This fee is often a percentage of the transaction value. Discount rates are basically a percentage that is taken from the charge that is being processed. For example, if your discount rate is 1.75% and you have an order for $100, the discount rate being deducted would be $1.75.
There are a number of different pricing models that act upon the underlying interchange fees differently. The three main types of pricing are tiered, interchange plus and enhanced recovery reduced (ERR). Of these three, FirstClass Merchant Services utilizes the interchange plus model because it is the least expensive and most transparent to our customers. Tiered pricing generalizes interchange categories resulting in potentially large surcharges and ERR pricing has a hidden charge that is the difference between target interchange and the qualified rate.
In this structure, interchange fees are categorized into buckets or tiers and is one of the most expensive way to process credit cards. Aside from being expensive, increases in interchange fees are amplified on a tiered structure. When a single interchange category is increased by Visa and MasterCard, many merchant service providers compensate by raising the rate of an entire tier. The end result is that the merchant pays higher costs on interchange categories that haven’t actually been increased by Visa and MasterCard. The across-the-board rate hike also produces larger profits for the merchant service provider.
The truth of the matter is that there’s a little fancy footwork going on behind the scenes. Whenever you see a provider advertising a single rate it tells you right away that they’re using a tiered pricing structure. This type of pricing facilitates an artificially low qualified rate (which is what you see advertised) and additional mid and non-qualified tiers that have higher rates. This tiered structure is what makes it possible for providers to advertise one rate and then deliver another. To keep from losing money (and to make a profit) the provider gets to dictate into which tier the interchange categories will be placed. Providers use something called a qualification matrix to dictate into which tier an interchange category is placed. While there are some standard practices, the qualification of interchange categories from one provider to the next is inconsistent. These “inconsistent buckets” make it possible for merchant service providers to offer a very low qualified rate while still turning a profit because they’re able to route interchange categories into the mid and non-qualified pricing tiers.
Face-to-face transactions where the credit card is swiped and examined by the merchant, are considered less risky by card processing companies. Accordingly rates are quite a bit lower as the instances of fraud and chargebacks are decreased substantially.
The fee for a discount rate for each approved payment card transaction is collected by an automatic deduction from the checking or savings account you provided in the application.
Monthly discount fees are deducted from your account once a month. Daily discount fees are deducted daily. Daily discount fees are normally required when the merchant’s credit is less than ideal.
Discount Rate: This fee is assessed by the card processing company on each transaction as discussed.
Transaction Fee: This fee is assessed by the card processing company on each transaction, (bank/company you have your merchant account with). This fee is made up of the fee which the card processing company must pay to the processing network and the markup, or profit margin for the card processing company managing the transaction for the merchant.
Monthly Fee: This fee is charged to the merchant by the card processing company as a service charge. This fee is often called a statement fee.
Monthly Minimum Fee: This fee is set by the card processing company as a minimum threshold of card transaction fees they expect to collect per merchant account on a monthly basis. Card transaction fees are the sum of the discount rate and the transaction fee. If a merchant fails to accept enough card transactions to meet the threshold, they will be charged the difference between actual card fees collected and the minimum.
Start saving money with Discount Payment Services today! This is a very simple process. Send us your current credit card processing statements and we will show you how we can lower your credit card processing costs. There is no charge and no obligation. Let us help you start saving money today.
DPS endeavors to maintain the most competitive rates in the industry. Our rates start at 0.49%† for Swiped Merchants and 1.79% for Keyed Merchants. Our rates and fees depend on the type of business you have, whether you are swiping cards or keying cards, which card types you are accepting, and more.
It is important to understand that varying rates will be applied to your merchant processing activity as a function of the type of card, the manner in which the card is processed, and your adherence to required processing rules. To minimize your costs, it is in your best interest to ensure that you and your employees follow the procedures described in your Program Guide and in the training we provide at the time we activate your account and allow you to accept credit cards.
The lowest rate, which is the rate you should receive most frequently, is your Qualified Rate. To receive the Qualified Rate on a given transaction, certain criteria apply including, but not limited to, swiping the card if you are a swiped merchant or keying the card with Address Verification Service (AVS) if you are a keyed merchant. It is also essential that you close out (batch) your terminal each and every day. Although we program all of our terminals to automatically batch each day, you should not rely on this functionality.
The Mid-Qualified Rate will apply to certain card types and is a rate you should expect to be assessed with some regularity. Our Mid-Qualified Rate is extremely competitive, and in many cases, our Mid-Qualified Rate is lower than other processors’ Qualified Rates.
The Non-Qualified Rate is a premium priced rate assigned to certain card types, such as cards issued by non-U.S. banks. In addition, if the merchant fails to batch daily, all card activity will be downgraded to this rate. To minimize costs, ALWAYS batch each and every day.
Specific criteria for the application of the above rates vary according to the rate plan we assign to your merchant account. Currently, we classify accounts as Retail Merchant Accounts, Internet Merchant Accounts, or MOTO Merchant Accounts. We always endeavor to assign a rate plan that best suits your processing profile, as you describe it to us. Plans can always be changed as a merchant experiences actual processing activity.

Security (11)

If you sell mail order/telephone order, or through the Internet, you don’t want to send a product to a false address and have a risk of receiving a chargeback. The Address Verification System (AVS) lets you enter the customer’s home address and compares it to the address on file with their credit card company. If someone uses a stolen card, and wants products shipped to a false address, AVS will detect this for you. Some providers charge an additional transaction fee for AVS. We don’t charge additional fees.
The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DDS) is a set of requirements for enhancing payment account data security. These standards were developed by the PIC Security Standards Council, which was founded by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide and Vise, Inc. to facilitate industry-wide adoption of consistent data security measures on a global basis.
The minimum requirement is that you complete a PCI DSS self –assessment questionnaire on an annual basis. If you electronically store cardholder information or if your processing systems have any internal connectivity, a quarterly scan by an approved scanning vendor is also required.
Yes, all merchants, whether small or large, need to be PCI compliant. The payments brands have adopted PCI DSS as the requirement for organizations that process, store or transmit payment cardholder data. Inherent in having a merchant account is the ability to handle cardholder data.
The PCI Security Standards Council has various requirement programs. The Payment Application Data Security Standards )PDDSS) is a set of requirements to help software vendors and others develop secure payment applications that do not store prohibited data such as full magnetic stripe, CVV@ r PIN data and insure their payment applications support compliance with the PCI DSS. Use of a terminal/gateway, that runs PA-DSS certified software is one of many components that are evaluated in the assessment of an account’s PC-DSS compliance.
Yes, but once you have become PCI compliant tor the year, you will not have to pay any additional fees for the calendar year.
Both Visa and MasterCard require acquirers to report on the compliance of their merchants. Choosing not to become compliant may cause you to overlook certain practices that would help minimize your risk of a security breach. You may be subject to fines of up to $500,000 per card brand. These fines are in addition to the expenses and losses resulting from the breach.
It is valid for one year from the date issued.
If a card cannot be swiped, you must key-enter the card account data into your POS terminal. When you key-enter a transaction, you run the risk of accepting a counterfeit card because the magnetic stripe information is unavailable.
Check the terminal. Be sure your terminal is working properly. If the terminal is okay and the program appears to be with the magnetic stripe, continue to step 2.
Match the account number. Check to see that the embossed account number on the front of the card matches the number indent-printed on the back.
Check the expiration date. Look at the “good thru” or “valid thru” date to be sure the card hasn’t expired. If the card has a “valid from” date, be sure the card isn’t being used before it is valid.
Make an imprint. Get a manual imprint of the card.
Get a signature. Ask the customer to sign the imprinted sales draft.
Check the signature. Be sure the signature on the card matches the one on the sales draft. Do not accept an unsigned card.
Certain customer behavior could point to fraud, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate criminal activity. You know your customers, so let your instincts steer you in the right direction. Watch out for customers who: Purchase a large amount of merchandise without regard to size, style, color, or price. Ask no questions on major purchases. Try to distract or rush you during the sale. Make purchases and leave the store, but then return to make more purchases. Make large purchases just after the store’s opening, or as the store is closing. Refuse free delivery for large items.


“They [Discount Payment Services] are a trusted partner of ours that I think you will find easy to work with while staying competitive. I have found Discount Payment Services to have top of the line customer service and be very knowledgeable.”
- Cynthia Besaw, Verizon Wireless
- Business Account Executive – Southwest Region

“When we first started our business, we only accepted checks or cash. This caused problems because we ended that year with around $3,000 of outstanding money. We knew that we needed a change. Discount Payment Services offered us credit card use with a recurring payment option. We set all of our customers up on recurring payments, so on the first of the month we received all of our money. This helped with outstanding debt, yet we were paying about $400-$500 a month to Visa. We knew this needed to change also. We attended a seminar and learned that other studios were using an ACH method of deducting money directly from checking accounts. At this time, Discount Payment Services set us up with Net 1, a program over the internet that accepts ACH and credit cards. Again, this is an automatic payment from our customers. Net 1 also sends out an email letting our customers know what is being charged. We are now paying about $80-$100 in monthly Visa and gateway charges. This is a significant difference and we couldn’t be happier about it. We save hundreds, everybody pays on time, and our customers love the convenience of the e-mail and the auto-pay.”
- Kim Ellsworth, La Musique

“I have an online retail company; my main business is done on eBay. A popular method of payment with eBayers is PAYPAL. I was spending over $600 per month in fees. I found Discount Payment Services through a referral and since I got in touch with this company they have saved me OVER $300 a month! Their service is OUTSTANDING, from setting up my virtual terminal on my website to integrating a special page for my eBay customers, I feel they are truly committed to helping businesses grow and succeed. There is ALWAYS someone on hand to answer my questions, and I feel I get VERY personalized attention each time I contact them. Contacting Discount Payment Services & setting up my virtual terminal is the BEST thing I have done for my company!! I would recommend this company TO ANYONE!!”
- Julie Matthaeus, The ClothesHorse, Inc.

“I never thought that I could feel excited by a credit card processing company. Discount Payment Services offers the best customer service that I have encountered in all my years in business.”
- Crista Cloutier, Segura Publishing Company and Art Gallery

“I recently had my merchant services changed from Bank of America to Discount Payment Services… They made the transition totally painless, gave us great customer support and the practice never missed a beat! The rates are lower, the customer service and support a lot more timely and they gave us sound training in how to best utilize our various types of transactions. I have found all my dealings with Discount Payment Services to be nothing but professional.”
- Anne Brough, SofTouch Dental

“I am going to forward your name to the St. Louis area franchisees. I explained the credit card deal to the Sport Clips AD and his business coach and he wanted me to send him your name etc. There are lot of these franchisees that have no idea what is going on with their credit card terminal. I have gotten back one statement and without the interchange fees it is a fairly significant savings. Although I only have 2 weeks with each. Ironically some of the stylists say they are getting bigger tips than they were getting on the old terminal, which keeps them happy!”
- Jeff Guinn, Sport Clips

“I am writing in to thank Discount Payment Services. I had a very unique situation with the online dating business that I run and they were able to set me up and work with me very quickly to establish a Gateway and Merchant Account. Most merchant account providers that I spoke to previous to DPS were very presumptuous and sometimes discourteous and my account manager took the time to answer my many questions and also got a quick grasp of my business and the complicated way that my site is setup. I could tell right away that he has years of experience as he gave me much insight and advice on the merchant account process and payment-taking in general. We were setup very quickly and then once I had everything integrated into my site – he followed up with me and made sure that all the transactions were going through fine. I found my rep and Discount Payment Services superior to others I had found on the web and would recommend this service to any website or merchant that needs a merchant account. I will surely use them again for my other upcoming ventures as well.”
- Andrew Weyrich, Catholic Daters

“If there is anyone out there who has not started taking credit cards yet but was thinking about it, I have found a company that I am very happy with and want to share the information with you. The search for a company with the least expensive prices was a nightmare for me. Every time I found one with a low monthly charge, their rates per transaction were too high and vice versa. I found a company called Discount Payment Services-They are set up to work with small businesses like mine (for massage therapy and the occasional airbrush tan) who don’t use the credit card machine that much, as well as those who use it a lot. I have had the company for 6 months with no problems. My contact there has been extremely helpful. If I have questions or when I have called to change the way my receipts print up or if my paper gets jammed, he always calls me back promptly (actually, a lot of times, he actually answers the phone!) and he never rushes me and he is very friendly. I’m extremely impressed with this company and want to spread the word so they can grow and help other small businesses. I hope this helps someone!”
- Brandi Mills, Kozy Kuts

“Marshall and his company provided excellent service to our company from the time we opened our doors in early 2005 until we sold the business in late 2008. I highly recommend him and his company.”
- Tom Riedhammer, Sport Clips

“Marshall has handled our merchant services for a number of years, and has done a great job for us. He is a man of integrity, with a sincere dedication to customer service.”
- Scott Gibson, Gibson, Ferrin & Riggs

“We used Marshall’s company, Discount Payment Services, to start offering our clients the ability to pay with Credit cards. His salesperson was very knowlegable about the Credit card rates of his competitors and what his product value to us would be. Since starting with DPS, we have also recommended them to our clients.This has helped us help our clients so that they wouldn’t have the high start-up costs and would have the Point of Sale system that would enable them to do their business in a more efficent and cost effective manner. Marshall’s company is a class act and I would recommend them for any credit card or POS system that you need.”
- John Micola, Jacks Telecom

“Just a quick note to let you know that today I had the pleasant experience of working with one of your Customer Service Reps named, Shahayla, and I must tell you that she was terrific. She was not only patient and helpful, but very knowledgeable. Even through my frustration I came off that call with a whole new attitude about DPS. In fact, I would like to say that I will not hesitate to call Shahayla any time I am in need of something from you as she makes her customers feel very important and never rushed me off the phone.”
- Lynda Miller, Director of Administration/Customer Relations, C3IP Communications, LLC

“Hell of a system, and it only gets better!”
– Al Leon, Dairy Queen of Tucson

“Hey All, I have a cost saving opportunity for you… After a large investigation; I changed credit card processing providers. Recent statement calculations/comparisons seem to prove there is substantial savings. Now, I know there are a lot of variables (varying rates, fees, & charges), so I am simply looking at the effective rates and it turns out that I will be saving an average of $500.00 a month. Funny thing is that I gave my old representative from Heartland my new providers’ (Discount Payment Services) statements so that he could double check the cost savings. He confirmed that it was a better deal.”
- Ryan Houdek, Melting Pot

“My name is Nancy Sherman, I am the manager at Ruffino Italian Cuisine. I have been working with DPS for approximately 5 years. DPS started here with the credit card machine. It has grown into so much more, including a wonderful friendship. DPS taught me more about computers than any class possibly could have. I didn’t know anything about computers, now I get along quite well! I didn’t think that a small privately owned restaurant like we are, would ever get or need a POS system. I also work for a large hotel chain in the restaurant and have worked on the Squirrel system for years. I was Manager on duty about 4 nights a week and every time the Squirrel system went down it would take close to an hour or more to actually get a live person on the phone to help, it was awful, so I wasn’t sure we needed something like that at this smaller scale place. DPS did a great job designing, installing and training us all on the Aldelo system, most of us kicking and screaming, because you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! I guess we weren’t too old to learn and it is working out great for everyone. It works out great for the kitchen staff because you can type in any special request the guest has without running into the kitchen and having to explain it to the cooks. If we do have questions or problems, DPS is a phone call away and whatever issue we have is corrected right away. If DPS doesn’t know, they find out and never leave us stranded. I can’t say enough about DPS and their products, they are great!”
- Nancy Sherman, Ruffino Italian Cuisine

“I also want to let you know that since switching to your merchant services system, my credit card processing fees have been substantially reduced. I’m almost paying for both salons what I previously paid for one under my previous processor. I think in large part this is due to the flat rate on debit card processing. I would highly recommend your company to other businesses looking for a way to increase their profitability.”
- Brenda Daniel, Fantastic Sams

“Our decision to go with Discount Payment Services was originally due to a very competitive proposal. In the year and a half since then, we have been extremely pleased with the support we get from them. Marshall has done a fantastic job developing a culture of outstanding customer service in his company. I recommend them highly.”
- Rick Dale, The Hare Cut Etc and Hair Today

“Averasell ROCKS!!!! Averasell is worth 1000 times what I paid for it !!! Seriously, I paid more for Quicksell, and Averasell blows Quicksell away.”
- Yue Zhao (David), Mei Wei China Bistro

“Thank you for your prompt response and great patience with us. I appreciate it from the deepest part of my heart. Sometime I feel guilty to call you late or ask you to do something for us. I think we will learn the system quickly. I really wish I could do something for you. Please feel free to contact me at anytime for anything. Thanks again.”
- John Meissner, PB Parts & Mail Shop

“Marshall is a self motivated/driven individual. He has always been punctual and receptive to our needs. He is very professional and we will continue to do business with him for years to come. We recommend him and his services for credit card processing to anyone.”
- Ben Scanlan, Remote Control Solutions

“We had a great overall experience with Marshall and the crew over at DPS. They seem to take a personal interest in their client’s success. Marshall is extremely knowledgeable in his field and tries very hard to make sure that his employees provide the same level of expertise.”
- Stephanie Gilmore, Posh Nosh

Marshall has great follow up, he always gets back to you if you have a problem that you need help with. His company provides a good service that is better and more affordable than the competitors.”
- Mark Churchill, Sport Clips

“I used Discount payment services at two separate companies and couldn’t have been more pleased both times. First at Wireless World (Unwired Edge) where he not only saved us money, but made the whole credit card processing easier to deal with and easier to understand our savings through an excellent reconciliation process. So when I started a new business of course I went right back to Marshall and Discount Payment Services. It was nice to have something work perfectly without having to pay a premium for it. Discount Payment Services has been fantastic!”
- Rich Wilson, FMF Ventures LLC/Unwired Edge LLC

“I really wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the promptness of your response to my question. I was not seeing my deposit in my bank account and I have been extremely busy and did not want to forget about it. I am self employed and do almost everything myself. I truly appreciate the feeling of security you provided with the prompt response and detailed report provided. You also seemed happy to get me the information and check with my banking institution as well. The positive and helpful attitude is also very much appreciated! Thank you again for all of your help, and I look forward to continuing my business with your company.”
- Ronna Finley, Ronna Skin

“DPS has been great over the years to deal with and does their best to fix any issues I may have in a timely manner.”
- Loren Aragon, Artist & Craftsman

“Getting set up with the Sage virtual terminal has proven to be the best thing we have done for our online/traveling gallery. Being able to take cards has not only boosted our sales but has given us the advantage to grow our patronage and get into more prestigious art markets and shows.”
- Beverly Flitcroft, The Cloak Drummer

“Long time no talk, which means you’ve aided us well and we FINALLY figured out what we’re doing up here! I want to, again and again, say “thank you so much” for all the assistance and patience and efficiency you have exhibited with us. As I told Dan a few weeks ago, any time you want a prospective client to come check out our computer system or need a great reference I am MORE than happy to oblige!”
- Samantha, Bobby D’s BBQ

“So far so good on Aldelo, good product, easy to use and manipulate, good reporting, great support from you guys… I am sold. …their support is worth every penny!”
- John VanLandingham, Mix Flagstaff

“Everything is working great. The servers love the new stations and it has helped our efficiency tremendously. Thank you.”
– Rendezvous in Old Town, Cottonwood

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